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Marcello Battaglia

Marcello Battaglia

Was born in 1986 in Milan, In 2003, during high school, He was born in Milan, after graduation in Building architecture at Politecnico di Milano he worked as a registered architect for many years in Italy, then, in 2014, moved to Swizterland hired from a Wealth management company (Cerberus capital trust AG) where he worked for one year in an international enviroment learning about Team work, rigid swiss schemes, business planning and management skills. In 2015 he started to work at Boffi S.p.a. as a Design consultant, after a first time of training In the factory he’s been moved to the Solferino Flagship store where he worked as designer and logistic manager; during his period there he increased his skills in customer service, retail world and industrial production; he also had the opportunity to create his strong proficency in the world of kitchens, especially about materials, finitures, details, appliances and quality control.

In March 2016 he decided to starts a new adventure as an associated architect in N+M studio that takes him to design a lounge bar and a restaurant in Milano, at the same time he entered in Zenobio AZ, a swiss general contractor that provides interior design contrcting services for Iran Market, especially in kitchens. Working for Zenobio made him able to understand everything is behind the business planning, customer relationship in a foreign, new and very different market; as his architectural background offered him, he’s able to understand in which direction of the design and mood the market is going in, to taking decision about styles and design but also about business planning and managing helped also by his proficency in all technical aspect behind a complex product like kitchens are.

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Kitchens Design

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interior design
  • PirelliNove lounge bar
  • PirelliNove lounge bar
  • Chic piccoli distillati
  • Chic piccoli distillati
  • Piki temporary bar
  • Niu avant garden
  • Niu avant garden
  • Luxury housing in Locarno
  • Luxury housing in Locarno
  • Villa in Lugano
  • hotel in Bellinzona

Last experiences

Project managing
  • M3 Design development
  • 01.2017-now

  • Crberus Capital Trust AG
  • 02.2014-02.2015

  • Architecture & design
    • N+M studio
    • 01.2015-now

    • studio Romanò
    • 01.2012-01.2014

Retail & business
  • Zenobio AZ
  • 04.2016-12.2016

  • Boffi s.p.a.
  • 09.2015-03.2016

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Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information about my work.

Email: info@mbattaglia.com
Phone: +44 7465 971846

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